mentoring one on one classes

So you bought that fancy DSLR camera, and you're still shooting on Auto mode?! Learn how to shoot in Manual mode and take your photos to the next level! Our Beginner DSLR Class is the perfect way to start. Our Advanced Photography Class are for those who have the established skills, but want to turn your hobby into a business. We tackle your goals and get down to work!

Photography is a love affair with life

Both classes are one-on-one and contain a full day of information, hands-on learning, real application and shooting, and much more. For pricing, a full list of each topic covered and specific class details, send me a message on the contact form! We will narrow down your specific needs and goals, and put a plan in action. I have a passion for teaching others and sharing this gift that I treasure so much! I can't wait to work with you!

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