meet andrea

I'm Andrea Elizabeth, and I'm so glad you're here! I would best describe my wedding photography style as contemporary, with a journalistic eye. Of course you'll come away from your most special day with frame-worthy portraits of your family and bridal party to stand the test of time. But even more importantly, to truly tell your wedding story, I will have captured the candid moments that went by far too quickly. 

As a photographer, I've been described as intuitive, but the truth is I just love people and I stay present and engaged (no pun intended) so I can anticipate and capture the moments that simply can't be planned for - the tinge of nerves in your smiles as you get ready for the day...the spontaneous throw-your-heads-back laughter with your college roommates at the reception...and a father's eyes brimming with tears as he dances with his little girl to the song that seems much too short. Your loved ones will see the "you" in these photos - this is the "you" they love so much.

I strive for authenticity in all that I do, so if it sounds like I would be a good fit to tell the story of your wedding, I would love to get to know you better too!


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