Behind the Camera | Andrea Elizabeth Photography

Hello loves! I’m really liking the #FridayIntroductions trend, so I decided to play along! On the About page, there are some basic notes on who I am. But let’s get into the weird details shall we?

LOVE: Tacos (ALL day) // Happy Hour // All things sci-fi and fantasy. I.e: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Firefly, etc…see you at Comic Con ;) // I have a major sweet tooth, give me ALL the sugar // Traveling, I want to shoot a wedding in every state! // I make itineraries for everything, not just your wedding day. I love a good vacation itinerary!  // The Investigation Discovery channel…in another life I solved murders, I’m sure of it // Hosting parties. I love decorating and seeing people come together! // I have been trying to embrace a minimalist wardrobe…but gosh dang do I love shopping // Target has a hold over me that no man ever will.

HATE: Ever since the 8th grade, I have had nightmares about lizards. I have no idea why! // Do NOT touch my elbow. Ugh. // Slow walkers…I’m the weirdo power-walking everywhere // Smackers. Gum, food, air….just close your mouth! // Being stuck somewhere without snacks // I hate seeing people being rude to waiters or other employees. It costs you nothing to be kind! Make someone’s day better <3

I look forward to blogging more personal posts! Thank you to my sweet friend Tara for these new head shots :)


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